"Having an outdoor wedding in an apple orchard, on a beautiful summer's day, called for a certain type of music which you so aptly provided for us. The day of the wedding, everyone remarked on how appropriate the music selections were for this setting, the couple, and this particular family. Your selections were moving, and beautifully and professionally done....you were very patient and kind in helping us to select appropriate music and format....thank you for your help and your expertise, your great attitude, your calmness, and of course your exceptional musical talent. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome!"
"...thank you for helping to make our wedding day special. We were so happy with how the ceremony came together. People made many comments on your beautiful playing, and we couldn't agree more! Thanks so much."
"that beautiful woman's song" (...singing the Cajun waltz) was my "musical high point of the weekend".

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